The Shandong Hai Ruo General Aviation Co., Ltd. will construct a fully equipped flight training facility with an area of 132200m² . The facility will include an office building, a flight training center, a faculty residential building, hangars, a sales and exhibition center, a repair center and a helicopter-landing pad. The project also includes the purchase of 53 flight simulators. Upon project completion, the flight training facility will be able to support 500 staff and up to 20,000 hours of flying per year.

Total investment: RBM 548 million
Fixed Assets: RMB 544 million, liquid assets: RMB 4 million
Self funded capital: RMB 248 million, venture capital: RMB 300 million
Total projected revenue: RMB 419 million
Projected tax income: RMB 42

Project location: Binzhou Zhanhua County Aviation Industrial Park
Contact: Qiang Li
Tel: 0086-543-3331577
Email: L0557@163.COM

HuaSheng Halal Meat Co., Ltd. In the county Yanxing will raise 12,000 cattle for meat production, of which 10,000 cattle will be butchered every year to produce 27,000 tons of quality beef and 50,000 tons of concentrated cow feed.

Total investment: RBM 760 million
Fixed Assets: RMB 630 million, liquid assets: RMB 130 million
Self funded capital: RMB 460 million, venture capital: RMB 300 million
Total projected revenue: RMB 2.6 billion/year
Projected tax income:

Project location: River Town, Yanxin County, Shandong
Contact: Yuan Shun Feng
Tel: 0086-543-8587999

The Boxing County government has established an execution team to carry out the development of a fully equipped rehabilitation and retirement center in the Boxing County, Shandong. The center will be 69234m² in size and it will include two wards, one outpatient building, an administration building, a parking lot, an oxygen station, a mortuary, a sewage treatment plan and other auxiliary facilities.

Total investment: RBM 600 million
Fixed Assets: RMB 508 billion, liquid assets: RMB 92 million
This project will bring great medical improvements for the citizens of Boxing Xincheng in the Shandong province. The project will provide more effect

Project location: Boxing Xincheng, Shandong
Contact: Tao Li
Tel: 0086-13854386636

BinZhou Three River Lake Travel Co., Ltd will develop a new resort town in the Bincheng District of Binzhou. The resort town will be 27.12km² in size and will include nine resort islands, an entertainment theme park, a botanical garden, a zoo, a hot spring, a spa, a yacht club, a racecourse, a hot air balloon club, a bicycle racetrack and other entertainment facilities.

Total investment: RBM 6.5 billion
Fixed Assets: RMB 4 billion, liquid assets: RMB 2.5 billion
Self funded capital: RMB 2.5 billion, venture capital: RMB 4 billion
Total projected revenue: RMB 850 million/year
Projected after-tax profit

Project location: Three River Lake town, Bincheng District
Contact: Shi Xian Wu
Tel: 0086-543-3530139