Shandong KaiTai Industrial Technology Co., Ltd will build a research and development lab to create top-grade environment protection equipment. The lab will be 130, 244 square meters in size and it will station 630 installation and quality control machines. The new lab will be used to develop 6,987 fine particulate matter (PM2.5) removal machines and 2,987 shot blaster air cleaning machines.

Total investment: RBM 1.32 billion
Fixed Assets: RMB 1.15 billion, liquid assets: RMB 170 million
Self funded capital: RMB 620 million, venture capital: RMB 300 million
Total projected revenue: RMB 3.57 billion/year
Projected profit: R

Project location: Qingyang town, Zouping county, Shandong
Contact: Zhong Hua Fan
Tel: 0086-543-2258278

Shandong WeiYe New Construction Co., Ltd will produce one million cubic meters of green construction material from industrial waste. This recycle project will produce 400K cubic meters of nickel alloy wall material, 400K nickel alloy powder, and 200K cubic meters of charcoal powder every year. This project will build a recycle plant with a workshop, a raw material warehouse, an office building, a R&D center and an QA center. The recycle plant will station a fully equipped processing line assembled from 1273 machines.

Total investment: RBM 600 billion
Fixed Assets: RMB 580 billion, liquid assets: RMB 20 million
Self funded capital: RMB 210 million, venture capital: RMB 390 million
Total projected revenue: RMB 860 billion/year
Number of new jobs: 360

Project location: Shandong Zhanhua Economic Development Zone
Contact: Jin Feng Zhou
Tel: 0086-543-7352927

LongFu Environment Energy Co., Ltd will build a recycled polyester production plant that is 238,625.76 square meters in size. The plant will station a production line consists of a conveyor belt, a drying tower and a series of machines for spinning, knitting, warping and slitting fabric. The plant is projected to produce 100,000 tons of recycled polyester yarn, six million recycled polyester blankets and 40,000 tons of recycled polyester tricot fabric every year.

Total investment: RBM 918 billion
Fixed Assets: RMB 857 billion, liquid assets: RMB 61 million
Self funded capital: RMB 300 million, venture capital: RMB 618 million
Total projected revenue: RMB 261 billion/year
Projected tax income: R

Project location: Shandong Yanxing Economic Development Zone
Contact: Guo Liang Luo
Tel: 0086-543-2205555

Shandong Guante Engineering Material Co., Ltd will build a colliery that covers an area of 70,000 square meters. The colliery is projected to produce 100,000 tons of coal each year and it will be stationed with workshops, warehouses and other coal mining facilities.

Total investment: RBM 510 billion
Fixed Assets: RMB 360 million, liquid assets: RMB 150 million
Self funded capital: RMB 320 million, venture capital: RMB 190 million
Projected revenue: RMB 158 million/year
Projected net profit: RMB 11

Project location: Shandong Binzhou Gaoxin Aviation Industrial Park
Contact: Xiao Jun Jia
Tel: 0086-543-7535186