A new agricultural science park will be built at Yellow River Delta, Binzhou. The new park will contain an innovation park, an entrepreneur park and an exhibition center. The innovation park will provide facilities to support agricultural ecology research, logistics technology, quality control and training. The entrepreneur park will be used for processing and transporting agricultural goods. At the exhibition center, the public will be able to learn about modern agricultural science through recreational activities.

Total investment: RBM 3.5 billion
Self funded capital: RMB 800 million, venture capital: RMB 2.7 billion
Projected revenue: RMB 1.2 billion/year
Number of new jobs: 5000

Project location: Yellow River Delta, Binzhou, Shandong
Contact: Jun Zhang
Tel: 0086-543-3188917
Website: http://www.bznky.cn

A new ecology park called “Zhanhua Jujube Ecology Park” will be built in the Xiawa town of Binzhou city. The new ecology park will cover 2380 hectares of land and employ 30,000 staff. The ecology park will be divided into five functional areas: a jujube cultivation pavilion, an agricultural technology research center, a modern logistics center, a recreation center and an orchard.

Total investment: RBM 600 million
Self funded capital: RMB 200 million, venture capital: RMB 400 million
Projected revenue: RMB 1.4 billion/year
Projected profit: RMB 396 million/year
Projected tax income: close to RMB 100 million/year

Project location: Zhanhua Jujube Ecology Park, Xiawa town, Binzhou
Contact: Shou Bing Wang
Tel: 0086-543-7550264

A new economy industrial park will be built in the Binzhou BeiHai Economy Development Zone. The new park will provide infrastructure and resources for the chemical industry, the metallurgical industry, new material research and development, grain and oil processing and modern logistics in Binzhou city.

Total investment: RBM 8 billion
Self funded capital: RMB 6.5 billion, venture capital: RMB 1.5 billion
Projected revenue: RMB 10 billion/year
Projected revenue by year 2020: RMB 76 billion/year

Project location: BinZhou BaiHai Economy Development Zone
Contact: Qing Hua Li
Tel: 0086-543-2258259
Website: http://bhjfj.com

A new recreation zone will be built on the Yellow River Island in the Wudi county, Shandong. The recreation zone will cover an area of 25.9 square kilometers and it will include one lake, five parks, an administration area and a tourist service area. The five parks are the cultural and creative park, the fishery technology pavilion, the agricultural development park, and the children’s fountain.

Total investment: RBM 530 million
Self funded capital: RMB 300 million, venture capital: RMB 230 million
Projected revenue: RMB 650 million/year
Projected number of visitors: 600,000/year

Project location: Yellow River Recreation Zone, Wudi Yellow River Island, Shandong
Contact: Zhi Hai Liu
Tel: 0086-543-2152555
Website: http://www.huanghedao.com